Jarama Circuit 2018-12-23

Conversion from GRID Autosport

  1. Stig's Cousin

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    Hi to all from Spain.

    That's my first track conversion to Assetto Corsa. It's the Jarama Circuit (Madrid, Spain), converted from GRID Autosport. I've run on real circuit sometimes with my ride, an Escort MK5 RS 2000, but now everybody can do it too on AC.






    Fully functional. Working Practique, Drift, Time Attack, Carreer and Weekend game modes.

    20 pits. Working AI, penalty zones and replay cameras. Also you can run out of race road (parking, buildings, etc).

    Maybe on future i'll add crowds and some minor details, i don't know.

    Hope you like it. Cheers.

Recent Reviews

  1. Chiwi
    Version: 2018-12-23
    Gracias! But the download is down and the admins removed the update :S Can you upload again or share other link to download the track?? Llevo detrás de este circuito años
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