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Green coast circuit 0.7.5

Aka jalicircuit: fun small-sized fictional (drift) circuit, by Bobskype & Jalkku

  1. luchian
    AC member "Bobskype" released this fun little track, curently in version 0.7.5. It is especially good for drifting, but can be used for racing also. As the author says:

    "This is a track that was originally made from scratch by my friend Jalkku. He made the track for a game called BeamNG, which I was a big part of for some time. I decided, with the rules regarding content, this would be a great way to show off some work that he has done.

    Things to fix yet:
    - Invisible wall on the inside of the straight away, any ideas on what's causing this?

    Keep in mind this is still in beta form, so advice is always welcome. :) I do not plan on changing the track layout though, as it is purely a fictional track and I quite enjoy the technicality required to be quick."

    A few screens :

    GC_shots_01.jpg GC_shots_02.jpg GC_shots_05.jpg GC_shots_04.jpg GC_shots_03.jpg