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Borgloh v1.12

the most northern hill climb track in Germany

  1. Gunnar333
    I am happy to announce my first track for assetto corsa.
    It's the location of the annual Bergrennen Osnabrück at Borgloh. The most northern hill climb in Germany.

    I tried to be as precise as possible without having LIDAR or laserscan technology.

    Big thanks to the AC modding community all over the internet especially at assettocorsamods.net

    Screenshot_dallara_f312_Borgloh_22-11-117-11-29-27.jpg Screenshot_dallara_f312_Borgloh_22-11-117-11-31-27.jpg Screenshot_ks_maserati_mc12_gt1_Borgloh_22-11-117-11-19-54.jpg Screenshot_ks_maserati_mc12_gt1_Borgloh_22-11-117-11-22-10.jpg Screenshot_ks_maserati_mc12_gt1_Borgloh_22-11-117-11-23-10.jpg Screenshot_ks_maserati_mc12_gt1_Borgloh_22-11-117-11-27-15.jpg


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