Auto24ring, Estonia 2018-04-03

Auto24ring circuit in Estonia

  1. MacArnu
    Here’s my second track for AC, this time it’s Auto24ring in Estonia.

    And a hotlap video:

    Track description:
    auto24ring is the only road racing circuit exclusively used for car and motorcycle racing in Estonia and is the only racing circuit in the Baltics that has FIA Grade 4 license.

    auto24ring has a meandering layout through the curves and straights in total track length of 3.2 kilometres, providing an excellent and safe driving experience for both professionals and beginners. Many drivers have said that this is the best race circuit in Nordic that’s why the circuit has a slogan: “Probably the best race track in Nordic.”

    Track specs:
    Length: 3170m, witdh: 14m, pitboxes: 23.

    Track’s 3D quality is ensured by using LIDAR data with aerial photographs and working through many images and videos. It is also approved by the track owners, making it the official version represented in AC.

    I’ve also created auto24ring’s official car Toyota G86 skin.
    Available here: GT86 Auto24ring Skin.rar


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Recent Reviews

  1. noxxfaxx
    Version: 2018-04-03
    Good Work!
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