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Aosta - Grand sport 2.0

Netkar Pro conversion, by durstboiler

  1. luchian
    A quality conversion from netKar Pro, made by durstboiler with Kunos team's permission. THE way things should be done. And THE way modding community will be revived again.



    Version history

    Aosta Grand Sport v2.0 :

    -fog fix
    -grid fix
    -texture missing fix
    -add-cam (Thanks Chuky)
    -add new IA (Thanks martcerv)
    -smooting 3d-objects
    -new texture + add texture details
    -add 2 pits
    -world detail 1 and 2 created (very low config)

    Aosta Grand Sport v1.22 :
    -Bug road pits fixed
    -Add AI ( Thanks martcerv)
    -Add track map (Thanks Sandrox)

    Aosta Grand Sport v1.2 :
    -Crash bug corrected
    -Grass Surface penalty Correction
    -Other Correction Surface

    Aosta Grand Sport v1.1 :
    -Lap time fixed (add 2 sectors)
    -Surfaces sounds fixed.
    -Grass surface fixed
    -Minor graphical improvements.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Franks
    Version: 2.0
    Good Work, very nice track!